About Me!

I am a 16 year old girly girl, tomboy, photographer, sewer, baker, you name it, I've most likely done it! I love creating things and using my creativity to express myself! My family is very important to me. I've been through more than the average person has and it has made me a stronger person because of it! Here are some commonly asked questions:

Why haven't you blogged in a while?
Like most girls my age, I have commitment issues. Just kidding, but I work, have school, a social and family life, while blogging is something I enjoy doing it is not on my priorities list!

Why do you post so many pictures of your cats?
Because I am a crazy cat lady! :)

Why did you get a tattoo of Mickey Mouse?
I love Disney, and for me Mickey Mouse represents Disney. My happiest moments of my life took place in 2008 when I was at Walt Disney World with my Mom and Uncle.....And I want to will be the owner of Walt Disney World one day so why not?

If you have any other questions feel free to contact me at breanne96@hotmail.com