Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Ultimate Birthday Cake

 One of the first pins I ever made on Pinterest was this cake. It inspired me to make the cake pictured to the right for my uncles birthday!
Of corse, the inspiration for this cake used smarties, not Reese's Pieces, but I had to be different in some way!

To make this cake I gathered these materials/ingredients:
-Cake base (Bulk Barn-less than $2.00)
-Bulk Reese Pieces (Bulk Barn-around $5.00)
*You only need one scoop of them, I over did it and got two, and paid for it, literally!*
-Ribbon (Wal-mart- $2.00)
-3X 4 pack of kit-kat bars (Wal-mart- 2.50/pack)
*If you're buying them individually you will probably need 10 Kit-Kat bars*
-2X cooked chocolate cake slabs
-Chocolate frosting

 Now just put it together:
1. Cook the cake, let cool.
2. Put some frosting on the cake base and place the firs slab on.
3. Generously apply frosting to the top of the first slab of cake.
4. Place the second slab on top of the first.
5. Cover all of the cake in frosting.
6. Get all of the Kit-Kat bars open and broken in half (so you're left with sets of 2 bars connected).
7. Put some frosting on the smooth side of the Kit-Kat.
8. Place onto the cake.
9. Repeat 7 and 8 until all sides of the cake are covered.
10. Place the ribbon around the cake to secure the Kit-Kat bars.
11. Drop the Reese's Pieces over the top of the cake.
12. Finish by wrapping with cellophane and tie with matching ribbon.

Viola! You're done! Cut and enjoy! :)

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