Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Baked Cheesecake Recipe

Clearly I have been baking a lot from the past three posts I have made! But these recipes are just so good I would feel bad just keeping them in my favourites folder for no one to see! 

Sorry for the "one piece" picture,
it was just so good I couldn't stop! 
Here is the original recipe: Baked Cheesecake Recipe
Here is mine, with a few alterations:

-Pre-made graham cracker pie crust
-1 pk of cream cheese
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-1/2 cup of sugar
-1/4 cup of milk
-dash of salt
-1/2 tsp vanilla
-2 eggs
-2tbs sugar
-1/2 tsp vanilla
-1 cup sour cream

1. Filling- Beat cream cheese until fluffy, then toss in the lemon juice, sugar, milk, salt, and vanilla.
2. Filling- Add in eggs one at a time mixing well between each egg.
3. Pour filling into pie crust and bake at 325F for 30-35 min. (Until the pie only jiggles when you shake it)
4. Topping- While the cheesecake is baking, mix together the sugar, vanilla, and sour cream.
5. Once the cheesecake is fully cooked slowly scoop on the topping, and even it out over the top of the cake.
6. Cook the cake for another 10 min.
7. Let cool for 5 hours and serve.

Viola! You're done, now you can have your cheesecake, and eat it too! 

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