Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princesses Make Mistakes!

The royal wedding has been over now for almost four days, but people have still continued to talk about one thing. Nope, not the kiss(es). Nope, not the dress. Nope, not the grumpy flour girl. None of these topics popularity can compare to the reaction generated from Princess Beatrice's hat!

There are numerous Facebook pages with millions of likes all about this princess, and a hat she wore! The pages range from calling the hat "Antlers" to it making her "the fifth Teletubbie". When I first realized this, I had to question wether she sports uh..creative hats such as this one all the time, or if this one was a first, here are my results!

Hat #1 : Not too bad, actually kind of cute!

All I want to know is, how she can see past it?

I think this one is actually kinda cute too! In a feathery kind of way!

Apparently her friend agreed with me, because it appears that she is sporting the same one! Maybe on lend from the princess?

What are your opinions on Princess Beatrice's hat history?!?!?

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