Monday, May 2, 2011

Book review; Style by Lauren Conrad.

I must say ever sense I first watched The Hills I have been a Lauren Conrad fanatic! I love her style, the way she presents herself, and over all it seems like she's a pretty down to earth girl! So of corse soon after her Style book came out I had to have it!!
Some reviews I have read say that it isn't worth it, and in a way they could be right. If you're not a fan of Lauren Conrad, and you know Style pretty well, then there is absolutely no point in buying it!

On the other hand, if you do like Lauren Conrad, (like I do) then you will thoroughly enjoy this book! It has little tid-bit stories here, and there about her life. For example, one of the stories was about how when she attended art school (walking from home, to school every day) in San Francisco she would swap from her flats to heels a block away from the school! There are also tons of beautiful photographs throughout the book, all featuring Lauren Conrad, and her favourite products!

In her book she has 11 chapters, and I can truly say they are all filled with interesting information, and tips! And as a bonus the book itself is beautiful enough to display in a nice bookshelf!

Here are the topics she covers~

Chapter 1: Building Your Wardrobe
Chapter 2: The All-American Wardrobe: Jeans and T-shirts
Chapter 3: The Hunt: How to Shop
Chapter 4: Mastering Your Closet
Chapter 5: Accessories
Chapter 6: Getting Dressed: The Fun Part

Chapter 7: Makeup
Chapter 8: Hair

Chapter 9: Work and School
Chapter 10: Travel
Chapter 11: Events and parties

Have you read this book?!?!
What are your opinions?!?!

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