Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big News!!!! (H&M)

If you're like me then you love checking things out online before you go on a shopping trip! In the past when I've been planning a shopping trip, I've always had to guess what would be in H&M (Probably why I've never been in an H&M store before.). So recently, when I was planning my (mini) shopping trip in TO I got directed to H&M's website just to check out the photo's they usually post showing a slim look at what they are carrying this season! But I was happily surprised when I saw that they now have a CANADIAN ONLINE STORE!!!!!!

I totally freaked out!!! So in celebration of H&M's new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE, here are my favourite things I found on there new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE.

I. am. in. love.
I. am. in love. AGAIN.
One of the cutest summer dresses ever!!

I love flower printed tank tops for summer,
but I don't have many so I totally fell in love with this one!
LOVE the print!!!
Ahhh ruffles!!

What are your favourite pieces from the new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE??!?

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