Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Big News!!!! (H&M)

If you're like me then you love checking things out online before you go on a shopping trip! In the past when I've been planning a shopping trip, I've always had to guess what would be in H&M (Probably why I've never been in an H&M store before.). So recently, when I was planning my (mini) shopping trip in TO I got directed to H&M's website just to check out the photo's they usually post showing a slim look at what they are carrying this season! But I was happily surprised when I saw that they now have a CANADIAN ONLINE STORE!!!!!!

I totally freaked out!!! So in celebration of H&M's new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE, here are my favourite things I found on there new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE.

I. am. in. love.
I. am. in love. AGAIN.
One of the cutest summer dresses ever!!

I love flower printed tank tops for summer,
but I don't have many so I totally fell in love with this one!
LOVE the print!!!
Ahhh ruffles!!

What are your favourite pieces from the new CANADIAN ONLINE STORE??!?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Believing in Something is Better than Believing in Nothing.

At first I wrote this just to get it off of my chest, with no intentions on posting it on here, but then I realized if it could help just one person out there then it would be worth the hate or negative feedback I may receive from posting this, so here we go....

I sit here, cross legged and puffy eyed, with my laptop on my lap on our running dryer, keeping warm after a day where I felt I couldn't possibly get warm. Days like this have occurred for most of my life. The days where I felt like I can't do anything right. When I feel like my whole world is crashing down. When I just don't want to take it anymore. Days like these are difficult, but I always seem to wake up the next day feeling better, with a smile on my face. Sometimes I ask myself though, what is causing that smile? is it genuine, or is it just there so people won't ask what's wrong? Is it to cover up all the pain and hurt that has accumulated throughout the past 15 years of my life?

This past sunday at church our Pastor had a very strong message, with a smart metaphor. You see, recently mould, has been discovered in the basement of the church. He explained, that for mould to grow it needs a dark, and moist place to grow. Then he went on to explain how if we make our soul a dark place filled with sins, and wrong-doins that we never let out and never express to God, (metaphorically giving it light) the metaphorical mould will start to grow. He explains that to stop the metaphorical mould from growing we must do three things. These three things are a resemblance of what alcoholics use to recover from their addictions.

First we must admit to God that we have a problem, or have sinned. Second we have to admit to ourselves that we have a problem, or have sinned. Lastly we have to admit to a friend, or other human being that we have a problem, or have sinned. Something to note though, is that not only do you need to admit to wrong doings that you have done, but you have to express wrong doings that have been done to you. Our Pastor used the example of a man that he hated for years, and how, one day he just let it all out, and he told someone about his hatred for this man, and why he hated him. After doing this, our Pastor revealed that he could no longer hate that man. Why? Because he had forgiven him!

Wether this technique works or not, I have yet to find out. I have a feeling it's not a one day process. I for myself know that for myself to reveal everything that has happened to me, and everything I've done a will be a long process. But it's a process that I'm willing to try because I deserve to be happy.

Something that almost brought me to tears this past Sunday was one single statement that our pastor made, that I will never forget, and will help me through tough times in the future. The statement was "God knows everything that has happened to you.". This blew me away and made me speechless (something that doesn't happen very often). Just the thought that someone knows absolutely everything that has happened to me, has been there the whole way. And maybe, just maybe, can fathom how I feel on these days when I'm sitting on the dryer, trying to get warm, with delicate tears running down my face.

The point of this post was not to preach about God, the point was to maybe, possibly help just one person out there who feels the same way I do. And to realize believing is something is better then believing in nothing.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Review; Sally Hansen "Real Nail Polish Strips"

**Blogger has been doing some renovations, and apparently along the way a few of my recently saved posts got deleted which is why I haven't posted in so long! I'm glad to be back though!**

A few weeks ago my lovely Mom and I decided to have a girls night. So we went over to our local Wal-Mart and got a bunch of products that we had never tried before. Among the products was something I've been wanting to try for quite some time now! It was the Sally Hansen Nail Polish Strips.
There were many pretty designs! The ones that my local Wal-Mart had was a black and white Chanel type pattern, a black and white flower pattern, a pink sparkly, a blue sparkly, a multi-colour sparkly, a gold sparkly, as well as a more subtle gold sparkly. (Each priced at $8.87, and came with 16 strips each.)
Originally I wanted the subtle gold sparkly one but in the end concluded that it was just too subtle so I went with the more stand-out gold sparkle!

Once we got home we put on a girly movie and put on our facial masks, then started doing our nails! My Mom chose the Sally Hansen Colour Quick Nail Colour Pen (I may have her do a review on this at a later time!).

Applying the Nail Strips was very easy! Here's how I did it;

Step 1. peel off the outer layers.

Step 2. Put the Nail Strip on your nail.

Step 3. Use the tools provided to clean up the excess stip.

Viola, you're done!

To do all of my fingers took less than 20 min. with no drying time! These would be perfect for any one-night event, like a big party, a wedding or maybe even a hollywood award show if you're lucky!

The only negative thing I have to say about these Nail strips is that they would only last for one night. I found that they weren't sticky enough which was disappointing, and for almost $10.00 isn't really worth it unless you're really dressing up for something important!

Have you tried these before? If so please comment below with any tips or tricks! I would love to make these work!

Friday, May 6, 2011

You Help Me Sur-Five

Don't you love those days where you open your eyes, and suddenly you get this jolt of energy, you hop right out of your bed and start your day?! Well that's how my day began!
As the day went on though, I got kinda sluggish, and my eyes started getting heavy, and before I knew it I was in a grumpy mood. Don't you just hate those days?!
I have no idea what happened (It might have something to do with the sky getting darker, and currently resulting in MORE rain! But who's to know.) So I figured maybe reminding myself of the good things in life would make my evening a little more happy!

I swear yesterday was our first sunny day In almost a week! I actually got to wear my sunglasses on my walk to school! I may have been a little over-excited about this, but if you lived around here, you would understand!

This past Monday Shania Twain was on the Oprah show promoting her new book, and her new show. You should know that when I was a little girl, Shania was my idol! My first concert I ever went to was a Shania Twain Concert! So while watching the interview, and listen to her talk about her life, I found myself liking her even more! The things she has gone through would cause any normal person to curl up in bed and never come out, but instead Shania stood strong! So naturally after hearing only some of her story I wanted to know more! I had a craving for her book, and luckily I have an amazing Mom who bought it for me just yesterday! I have only read a chapter of it, but so far It is amazing! I cannot wait to do a review on it!

One thing that can usually always calm me down when I'm in a bad mood, is cuddling up in bed with the door closed, my fan on, and just reading blogs I love in peace! I don't know what it is, but it's as if it's therapeutic to me!

You're probably wondering what the heck this is....would you believe me if I told you it was apple sauce?! Well surprise, surprise, It is! I have been trying to make apple sauce for the longest time and I finally found a good recipe that works! What doesn't work is my improvisation skills.... It called for 1/3 of a cinnamon stick, but we didn't have any so I figured I would just use ground cinnamon....let's just say It's the spiciest apple sauce I have ever tasted!

Our old fire pit had gotten kind of old, so last Saturday we bought a new one, and it just so happened it was a beautiful night so we even got to have one! I came up with an amazing new smore recipe that I will share with you all soon!

What helps you Sur-Five???

*Note; All photos on this post were taken with my iPhone!
This should explain the quality problem!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Princesses Make Mistakes!

The royal wedding has been over now for almost four days, but people have still continued to talk about one thing. Nope, not the kiss(es). Nope, not the dress. Nope, not the grumpy flour girl. None of these topics popularity can compare to the reaction generated from Princess Beatrice's hat!

There are numerous Facebook pages with millions of likes all about this princess, and a hat she wore! The pages range from calling the hat "Antlers" to it making her "the fifth Teletubbie". When I first realized this, I had to question wether she sports uh..creative hats such as this one all the time, or if this one was a first, here are my results!

Hat #1 : Not too bad, actually kind of cute!

All I want to know is, how she can see past it?

I think this one is actually kinda cute too! In a feathery kind of way!

Apparently her friend agreed with me, because it appears that she is sporting the same one! Maybe on lend from the princess?

What are your opinions on Princess Beatrice's hat history?!?!?

*Photos on this post do not belong to this blog*

Monday, May 2, 2011

Book review; Style by Lauren Conrad.

I must say ever sense I first watched The Hills I have been a Lauren Conrad fanatic! I love her style, the way she presents herself, and over all it seems like she's a pretty down to earth girl! So of corse soon after her Style book came out I had to have it!!
Some reviews I have read say that it isn't worth it, and in a way they could be right. If you're not a fan of Lauren Conrad, and you know Style pretty well, then there is absolutely no point in buying it!

On the other hand, if you do like Lauren Conrad, (like I do) then you will thoroughly enjoy this book! It has little tid-bit stories here, and there about her life. For example, one of the stories was about how when she attended art school (walking from home, to school every day) in San Francisco she would swap from her flats to heels a block away from the school! There are also tons of beautiful photographs throughout the book, all featuring Lauren Conrad, and her favourite products!

In her book she has 11 chapters, and I can truly say they are all filled with interesting information, and tips! And as a bonus the book itself is beautiful enough to display in a nice bookshelf!

Here are the topics she covers~

Chapter 1: Building Your Wardrobe
Chapter 2: The All-American Wardrobe: Jeans and T-shirts
Chapter 3: The Hunt: How to Shop
Chapter 4: Mastering Your Closet
Chapter 5: Accessories
Chapter 6: Getting Dressed: The Fun Part

Chapter 7: Makeup
Chapter 8: Hair

Chapter 9: Work and School
Chapter 10: Travel
Chapter 11: Events and parties

Have you read this book?!?!
What are your opinions?!?!