Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

Well folks, I did it! I pulled an all nighter! And I did it for an amazing cause; The Royal Wedding! (With the help of a large Iced capp, and some Nann chips with Roasted red pepper dip)

So this is how my night went....

9:00pm~9:30pm: William and Kate:Romance
9:30pm~10:00pm: The end of Cupcake Wars (Wedding Edition)
10:00pm~11:00pm: Kate: The New Diana
11:00pm~12:00am: The Making Of A Royal Wedding
12:00am~2:00am: Count Down to The Royal Wedding
2:00am~7:30am: The Royal Wedding.
7:30am~1:37pm: SLEEP!!!!!

So my opinion of the wedding is that it was positively fantastic! They did an amazing job decorating all of London, and an amazing job keeping the dress designer a secret!! I was so excited when I saw Kate come out of the hotel, and into the car, just catching a glimpse of her dress. Then, when she stepped out of that car with her sister I was amazed! I thought that her having to have sleeves on the dress would mean it wouldn't be that nice, but it was classy, elegant, and It made my jaw drop!

To be honest I don't remember much of the wedding, I was crazy tired! But I did tweet most of it on my brand new Twitter account!! (!/BreanneDntBlink) From what I do remember it was amazing! and I am so genuinely happy for the royal couple!

Food for thought; What would you wear to the royal wedding!?!?!?

I would wear any of these!!;
What I would Wear to the Royal Wedding

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