Monday, March 14, 2011

The Important Things In Life...

Sometimes we lose sight of the important things in life. I've found myself doing this lately, I've been getting frustrated because I've been saving for a new laptop sense before Christmas, and I'm just sick and tired of not being able to spend my money! I kept thinking to myself, 'I would do ANYTHING to get a job! If I had a job I could get that laptop in no time! Then I would have money for other things after!!' But in doing all of that thinking, and wishing I've forgotten something really important. I've forgotten that I have an amazing life! I should be happy that I have a laptop already, whether it's got a couple dents, and cracks or not, I should cherish that I'm privlaged enough to have it. Have it in my home. Where my family who loves me is. Where there is heat. Where there is food. Where no matter how bad I feel I can find comfort.

I've always known that I'm lucky to have what I have, but every once in a while I think we all need a little reminder. I've had two strong reminders within the last month and a half. Both reminders have been from a blogger whos blog I visit faithfully at least twice a week. Her name is Sarah, she has an amazing hair blog {} as well as her own personal blog {}. Around a month and a half ago Sarah made this post - . It was a long, thoughtfully written post that was obviously written from her heart about a young, beautiful girl named Maddie, who was only five years of age and diagnosed with having a brain tumour called DIPG. Sarah goes on to tell about how Maddie was born after many years of her parents trying to conceive, but failing and how their little miracle baby was given only 6 months to live.


Regretfully, just yesterday, only a month and a few days after the original post made by Sarah, she had to make another one {} informing her readers that Maddie had passed away. It seems so wrong that a little girl, who had a whole life ahead of her passed away at the delicate age of only five. I'm still trying to recover from the thought of this, knowing that I have little cousins around her age. I can't even begin to imagine how her family is feeling right now. If you would like to donate, or read more about Maddie's story I encourage you to go to-

My thoughts and prayers are with Maddie's friends and Family.

Please go and tell all the people you care about that you love them... if not for yourself, do it for Maddie.

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  1. That is so unfair that such young kids and their families have to go through experiences like that.