Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Could Just Die!: The big fix

The days between my last post and this one have been filled with coughing, blowing my nose, and feeling like a big bag of poop! But you know what the worst part of that is? The constantly blowing my nose part! Nothing makes you feel worse about going to work, or school than having a peeling, red, and dry, nose! I tried using night time moisturizers on my nose all through the day, but it would just sting like I was taking a lit match and placing the flame all around my nose, then it would just make my nose have to run even more!
Then my Avon order came in this past Thursday, and I remembered that I had ordered something called "the big fix" from the mark. catalogue! It was only $12, it resembles a fatter, taller version of a lip chap. You can use it for pretty much everything though! Dry feet. Dry elbows. Dry lips. Eyebrows that just wont stay in place. And my favourite~ DRY PATCHES, INCLUDING DRY NOSES!!!!
{Signature represents that Ashley Greene (of Twilight) considers it one of her Fav. mark. Products!}

I tried this on my nose as soon as I got it! There was no sting! Also, I think it actually brought down the runny nose factor!! Within 5 minutes my nose was softer, not as chapped, and I was in no pain! This stick helped me so much! and I can't wait to use it for so many other things!

The only down side to this stick is the smell. I kind of like the smell, but in the reviews of this product on the mark. site some people complained that the smell totally ruined it. I personally think the smell goes away after a few minutes, so the smell is no big deal in my opinion, as long as it works!

The best part of this product though, has to be how it's made. This is only one of some body products that mark. sells that are make with "fair trade certified ingredients" here is a better explanation of what that means, straight from the mark. website...

"In developing countries, it's common practice for farmers to be paid less than a living wage and for children to be forced into farm jobs in order to help feed their families. Each purchase from the mark. body care collection with Fair Trade Certified™ ingredients helps promote a different kind of farming, where fair labour conditions are mandated and farmers are not only empowered but are also given the support to help lift themselves out of poverty.

By choosing this Fair Trade Certified™ product, you are directly supporting a better life for farming families through fair prices, direct trade, community development, and enviromental stewardship."
I just love everything about this product! If you would like to try it, and you live in the Ottawa area, contact me (e-mail me at ) and I'll make it happen!
Hope you all have a relaxing Sunday!
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