Monday, March 21, 2011


Once upon a couple weeks ago... I decided I wanted a little turtle! A little one that wont grow to be the size of a cat, but will stay little! I bugged my mom many times, then eventually gave up. I tried to keep the dream of having a little turtle out of my head. Then I was at my uncles house, when my mom called, and told me she had a surprise. I wasn't that excited because I was thinking it would just be a package of Jelly Belly's or something little like that. After bugging her enough, she told me she had gotten me a Southern Painted Turtle!

Some cute things about my little Southern Painted Turtle:
He is a he.
I named him Cedric after Robert Pattinson in the Harry Potter movie.
He has a peace sign on his belly.
He loves playing in his "water fountain".
He also loves playing with his floating ball.
He loves tanning on his rock.
He sleeps in fake weeds.
He is absolutely adorable!

I hope you all had a good Monday!

*All photo's on this post belong to Don't Blink Blog*
*All photo's are of Cedric himself!*