Saturday, January 8, 2011

101 Goals in 1001 days : Update

So there I am, just cleaning up my room, trying to organize things...when all of a sudden!!!!! I find my 101 Goals in 1001 Days list....oh.... huh, I wonder if it's been 1001 days yet.... carry the three, add the five.....when did I even start this?!?! Well I did the calculations, annnnnnddddd dum roll na.. na.. na.. naaaa..... I still have 415 days left? huh...I though It would be done by now.... Wait, how many goals do I have left?? 1,2,3,4,.......56!!!
Yea, that's right...I talk to myself.

So if you didn't catch that.... I have 56 goals left to do in 415 days, which means I completed 45 goals in 586 days...Correct me if that's wrong...

So here are the goals I have left to achieve....

1.Finish 13-present Scrapbook

2.Finish Graduation scrapbook

3.Run a 10K race

4.Make 25 straight free throws

5. Read four of Jane Austin's books

6.Read 5 biography's {1.5/5}

7.Go golfing

8. Pull an all nighter

9. Get a new laptop{!!!}

10. Get one of my scrapbook pages published in a magazine

11. Get one of my photo's published anywhere

12.Go zip lining

13.Go white water rafting

14.Go to the national Art Museum

15.Meet Chris Neil

16. Successfuly mow the grass

17. Get a part time job

18. Go kayaking

19.Make a jar of homemade applesauce

20. Make home made salsa

21.Make fortune cookies

22.Read all of the Harry Potter Books

23.Watch all of the Harry Potter movies

24.Go to an A channel Morning show

25.Take a yoga class

26.Make jam

27.Get a pedicure

28.Get a manicure

29.Get a massage

30.Get a facial

31.Blow glass

32.Learn how to play one song on piano

33. Donate blood

34.Read the whole bible.

35.Send a balloon with a message into the sky

36. Gat an 80 or higher average

37. Learn how to knit

38. Go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto

39. Leave notes in 10 library books

40. Do five DIY's

41. Don't drink soda for a year {Start-01.08.11.}

42. Take a vow of silence for 24 hours

43. Finish my 40 service hours

44. Buy a professional makeup brush set

45. Save $1 000 {$100/$1 000}

46. Get rid of my shin splints!!!

47. Get a photo with Santa Clause

48. Make a blog post at least every month of five things that make me happy at that time.

49. Learn how to use chop sticks!!

50. Make a Mickey Mouse{?} build-a-bear

51. Go somewhere I've never been before

52. Get henna of the tattoo I want

53. Complete a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle

54. Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

55. Buy a pair of Tory Burch Reva flats

56. Give $1 to charity for every goal not met.

I guess I better get working!

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