Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tales from an average teenage high schooler

I walk in the side double-door to a very large; intimidating building. Up until now I'm not nervous {ok.... maybe I did have a bit of a sleeping problem last night} but now, It's reality; it's my life for the next few years, everything is sinking in... It's my fist day of High School!!!

{My fist day of school}
It's the middle of the race; I've finished the first third of it, now I'm just concentrating on keeping my pace steady and trying to balance myself on my two feet. In four years from now, I'll be on the home strech; sprinting, so close to the finish line I can taste it....I can't wait!
Well my first day of keeping a steady pace went a little like this....
English....Lots of cute guys
Math....Lots of cute guys
MSIP....Lots of cu.....
Just kidding!... I may be a teenage girl, but I like to think I'm not a majorly hormonal teenage girl! Right?!
Anyways... my day was pretty basic for a day I will most likely never forget! I had english on the third floor, then tried to navigate my way back to my locker on the first floor, let's just say..It ended well but the middle part was a little rocky. Then I made my way to my math class, then had MSIP right after that in the same room {how convenient!} After that was lunch!...Oh lovely lunch that is FOURTY minutes long!! Oh how I love and adore you! {compared to the measly twenty minutes I've managed to endure for the past ten-plus years} After lunch was gym which was throughly enjoyable..untill after... when I was sweaty....in shorts and a t-shirt...sweaty...changing into jeans and a sweater...still sweaty....and now irratable .....and late for french class....sweaty, irritable and late....to french! What a great combination. But soon it was all over, and I was heading home!

Stepping in the door, taking off my flat's, flopping on the couch, relaxed. Then it happens...I get thinking...I'm thinking some more....and then it hits me! I forgot my cell phone all the way back at school...ughh...I guess it's all in a first day right?!
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  1. Did you at least forget it in your locker?! PS: Spell check, gorgeous ;) Cute outfit today, btw.

  2. Haha yes! thank goodness! but I forgt my ring in the basketball coaches office today...I'll get it tomorrow I guess. Haha I know, I just did it...sorry 8-| and thank you :)