Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tales from an average teenage high schooler

I walk in the side double-door to a very large; intimidating building. Up until now I'm not nervous {ok.... maybe I did have a bit of a sleeping problem last night} but now, It's reality; it's my life for the next few years, everything is sinking in... It's my fist day of High School!!!

{My fist day of school}
It's the middle of the race; I've finished the first third of it, now I'm just concentrating on keeping my pace steady and trying to balance myself on my two feet. In four years from now, I'll be on the home strech; sprinting, so close to the finish line I can taste it....I can't wait!
Well my first day of keeping a steady pace went a little like this....
English....Lots of cute guys
Math....Lots of cute guys
MSIP....Lots of cu.....
Just kidding!... I may be a teenage girl, but I like to think I'm not a majorly hormonal teenage girl! Right?!
Anyways... my day was pretty basic for a day I will most likely never forget! I had english on the third floor, then tried to navigate my way back to my locker on the first floor, let's just say..It ended well but the middle part was a little rocky. Then I made my way to my math class, then had MSIP right after that in the same room {how convenient!} After that was lunch!...Oh lovely lunch that is FOURTY minutes long!! Oh how I love and adore you! {compared to the measly twenty minutes I've managed to endure for the past ten-plus years} After lunch was gym which was throughly enjoyable..untill after... when I was sweaty....in shorts and a t-shirt...sweaty...changing into jeans and a sweater...still sweaty....and now irratable .....and late for french class....sweaty, irritable and late....to french! What a great combination. But soon it was all over, and I was heading home!

Stepping in the door, taking off my flat's, flopping on the couch, relaxed. Then it happens...I get thinking...I'm thinking some more....and then it hits me! I forgot my cell phone all the way back at school...ughh...I guess it's all in a first day right?!
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Monday, September 6, 2010

So nice they named it twice! ~ Day Two

Well here we are... It's been over a month since I was in New York and I'm only on day two! I think it's taken me so long to get to this post because I've been so busy and honestly, I didn't look forward to doing this post. I had to watermark all the photo's {which took at least an hour} and I hate being on the computer for that long all at once. Then yestrday came along and I had nothing to do so I told myself to suck it up and do it...and so I did...

We started today off with a FOUR HOUR TOUR! How I sat for that long in a bus, in the most beautiful city I've seen so far I will never know. {but the air conditioning may have been a small factor} So we started off in Chelsea and made our way to the upper west side.

We got off of the bus and our tour guide informed us that is was right in that doorway that the white bus is covering that John lennon was killed in on the night of december 8, 1980.

I write this as I'm listening to his song Imagine wondering what kind of person could kill someone who wrote a song as powerfull and as beautiful as this...I just blows my mind the things that people do.

{Our tour guide}

Our tour guide then proceeded to lead us to Strawberry Fields; a triangular 2.5 acre section of Central park dedicated to Lennon, named after The Beatles song "Strawberry Fields Forever"

I have never been in a more tranquil place; it's just so incredibly peaceful.. I could have spent the whole day there just thinking. It's those kind of places that impress me, and I know I will never forget Strawberry Fields.

Once we were reluctantly pulled away from Strawberry Fields, we were taken to yet another tranquil place...Saint Patricks Cathedral. This is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever been in..

The architecture was so detailed, and when your inside you feel as if your taken back in time to when they built it.

Then you walk outside, and see this...

Ok... If you ever go to New York City Tip #1 is watch out for the taxi's! those drivers don't care what; or who they hit...all they care about is getting to wherever the person in the back seat wants to go.
We made our way around the rest of the city...

This was one moment I wasn't really looking forward to... The picture above is of Ground Zero. Where the twin towers used to be; I couldn't help but to cry while our tour guide thanked us for comming here and showing that we can all come together peacefully and support each other...I can't quite quote it because I was too busy trying to find some kleenex.

Well I couldn't find any so what's the next best thing? Well eating of coarse! So we stopped off at this adorable little bakery/coffee shop, and I had one of the best muffins I've ever tasted! I can still taste it!

...and I can still remember the funny looks I got for taking photo's of a muffin.

So then we basically wrapped up our tour and were dropped off at Macy's...The largest store in the world. So there my nana and I are, looking at this building thinking how big can it really be... Well we didn't really find out untill we decided to split up..... and it was all down hill from there.

So were on the fourth floor, and my Nana want's to go to the sixth and the seventh floors, and I still want to go to the fifth so we split up and agree to meet on the seventh. An hour goes by and I'm done on the fifth floor and start heading up to the seventh floor to find my Nana.... well the seventh floor is linens, and I know that's not where she wanted to go.. so I start searching...and searching...and searching. Soon I find the plus department, but I still haven't found my Nana, so I think to myself ok, maybe she's still on the sixth floor. So I scurry down to the sixth floor and I still haven't found her. This is when I start to get worried...so I pull out my handy camera with tons of photo's of her on it and start asking EVERYONE I see if they have seen her... I am constantly faced with "no" 's. Another hour has gone by, and I'm faced with the fact that I'm lost...in the biggest store in the world... in New York City... AND ALL I WANNA DO IS RUN HOME AND CUDDLE UP IN MY BED!!

NO Breanne! you cannot cry! You cannot freak out! You have to reman poised and professional...your in New York City for god's sake! I say to myself. So I keep asking people, and showing them her photo, when the most logical person I've spoke to in this store says.... "go to security and tell them to check the camera and file a report" Well why in the heck did someone not tell me about this and hour ago!?

So once again I'm scurrying around trying to find floor 1 1/2 when I find it and go into the first place I see I ask where the security is to try and find someone like my Nana {IN THE DAMN LARGEST DAMN STORE IN THE DAMN WORLD} And he says just hold on a second.... so I say under my breath "ok, one thousand one...times up" I'm just about to leave when he comes back out and ask's if my name is Breanne....{creepy!}... I say yes...why? then he proceeds to explain {in a tone that indicates that he has to deal with silly tourists that loose eachother every day} that my Nana just left here a few minutes ago and is on her way to the seventh floor looking for me "OK THANKS" I yell back as I start rushing up to the seventh floor.. not wanting to wait for the elevator I take stairs, escalators, and more stairs untill I reach the seventh floor. well I stand poised looking with bugeyes trying to spot her for at least five minutes when I turn around and see a lady...that is not my Nana... then I turn back around and see someone comming around the corner.. and it's her! and she starts to cry! {and I'm still telling myself to keep poised and professional} and she grabs me and with her big bloodshot eys looking into my'n tells me "Honey we are NEVER seperating AGAIN"

And so we go and try on things...and pay...and get the heck out of THE LARGEST STORE IN THE WORLD.

My nana's birthday present from me was a carriage ride through Central Park. We both agreed we could use a bit of a break from all the rush so we caught a bus and headed up towards central park. We didn't know what time it was but my stomach was telling me it was time to EAT! So I had my first NYC dirty water hot dog! {and some of my Nana's soft pretzle...which wasn't that soft....Tip #2...make sure your pretzle is soft...if not...it's mostlikely a week old}

I must say...my hot dog wasn't as great as I thought it would be..but it did the job..

So after I had my hot dog and my nana had her pretzle {or rather...fed it to the birds} we headed across the road where all the carriages were and chose one out of random. We got on and saw this...

HOW PERFECT IS THAT?! It was obviously ment to be!
...and off we went through Central Park..

They call this "the green beach" hahahahaha.......ok....maybe it's not that funny....but it's still cute riiiight?!? ....Right!

Before we knew it twenty minutes had gone by and we were done.

..this was our horse and our ....I don't know what you call him but he was awesome ....and he was cute..so that alone was worth it!

...We finally made it to Fifth avenue!! I was in my glory!

{Still in my own little heaven!}

Ok....I have a question...do you really have to stand in this {look below} line to get into Abercrombie!? because I saw It and thought pffft as if I'm standing in a line to shop...

Then we saw this across the road...and It was all clear to me

And made me laugh really hard! because really.... do I even have to explain it!

Oh how I wish we would have gone inside...but nope... we didn't...we were on a time limit... oh and also a cash limit!

So we finally made it to Rockefeller Center

...and after ten tries...ended up with this picture!!

This was by far the most amazing thing I have ever seen... I would live on the top of the rock if I could!

{Central park}

{New Jersey across the river}

So we regretfully left the top of the rock and made our way to Forever 21 where we stayed untill 11.00 which worried my Nana so we quickly made our way back to Port Authority and back to our hotel for the night where I experianced the worst shin splints of my life!

*All photo's belong to Don't Blink blog*