Tuesday, August 24, 2010

lookbook~ 06.22.10

Out of all my purchases in New York, this top is one of my favourite's.... It was my first clothing item purchased that didn't have a big read heart on it, followed by "NY"!!


Jeans~American Eagle Outfitters

Hair~ Straightened the night before,

and simply put in a pony tail

{Please excuse the blurryness of this photo! It was the only semi full length photo I got!}

Have I mentioned that I love this top?! I think it's the ruffles but I don't know, maybe it's the print, but when I first saw it, I couldn't help but to gasp, and quickly find my size before any other person got their hands on it!....ok, I wasn't that evil, but I was close!
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Saturday, August 7, 2010

So nice, they named it twice! Day one...

It's only been a week and I already miss New York so much! We had so much fun, though it was a long drive there and back, it was worth it! I have so much to say about our time there so I'm going to seperate it into a couple different blog post's. This is day one...
{At Cracker Barrel on our way to NYC, They have the BEST blueberry pancakes!}
We left at 8:00 am, and arrived at our hotel in New Jersey around 5:30pm, but our show {Phantom of the Opera} was at 8:00 in New york, and we still had to get into our hotel room, and change, then find out how New Jersey Transit operates. We got in our room, changed and were out by ten to six, Around five to six we were at the bus stop, with the number of our bus being repeated under our breath every couple seconds.
Now by 7:20 the bus finally arrived! We got on with no problem and were soon on our way to New York City. Now please understand, I was with my Nana, who can get scared and gasp rather loudly at a car pulling out infront of her with seven or so feet to spare, so imagine her on a bus that will go at a rather fast pace, then come to a quick stop with a mere few inches to spare between the nose of the bus, and the next car's bumper. I think with the economy the way it is they should use it to their advantage by broadcasting over radio's it like so..."Live in New Jersey? Love rollercoasters? Well march on down to the nearest bus stop around rush hour and you can get the feeling of being on a real rollercoaster for just 7.50 round trip! *Barf bags not included* " Now wouldn't that be funny! hahahaah..ha...ha...guess not
We made it to Port Authority in New york by 7:40, we ran down a couple flights of stairs to get to ground level, and dashed out the Port Authority building where we got our first breath of New York air, a few minutes went by, taking everything in, then we were dashing down 8th ave. trying to find the street our theater was on.
By 7:50 we rounded the corner, and saw "Majestic Theater" after a nice deep breath we crossed the street and got in line to enter the building. At 7:55 we were starving, the last time we had ate was at 1:00, and of corse, all they had was candy for sale, so our supper tonight would be licorice a small can of Pringles and a bottle of water. 8:00 Phantom of the Opera has begun...

Phantom was amazing! I would recemend it to anyone! I almost cried! I totaly loved it, but by the end of it, my nana and I were both starving so we dashed out of the theater and back onto 8th ave. where we found this one place that had a few different food options to choose from {i.e. Subway, a chicken place, a smoothie place, etc..} so I got Subway, my nana got Chicken and we sat down to eat, I took out my retainer, and folded it in a napkin as I usualy do in restaurants, and we ate, discussing our day, and what we would like to do tomorrow. When we were finished, we didn't quite want to go back to our hotel just yet so we decided to do a little shopping, so we set off and found a place that sold those I heart N Y t-shirts, we were scanning all the racks of souvenirs when all of a sudden I ralized something, My retainer was not in my mouth! We had thrown it in the garbage! we had thrown a 1200.00 piece of dental equipment in the garbage! This lead us back to the restaurant begging one of the workers to show us where the garbage bags are. He showed us, and pointed to the one which he identified as the last garbage bag he had taken out, to which we replyed with ok, lets start digging, when all of a sudden the man tells us that he dosen't want us digging through garbage infront of his restaurant. Ok, I understand that but what came next, I wasn't fully prepared for.. he grabbed the bag and started leading us into a basement...a scary, all concrete basement, at that point though, I didn't even care, I just held my breath and began digging through New York City garbage.

We went through the whole bag, and exclaimed that it wasn't inthis one, and asked if there was possibly another one before that, he left, and came back with two more saying that they were the only other possible ones,so we shrugged and got started on one of the two, when another man who was quite irritated by us insisted that we just dump the bag and go through it, I felt that that was a little extream and it would cause quite a mess but we did it anyways and within five minutes of looking through that bag I heard my nana exclaim "I found it! Oh thank you lord" I almost started crying when I realized I had just got out of a year of being grounded! we left, but not before giving them some money for their being so understanding! *I DID NOT put the retainer back in my mouth untill three days later, after sanitizing it multiple times!*

Once we finnaly made it out of the restaurant, we went back to the souvenier shop and paid foor our things. We then made our way back to our hotel and fell asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows!
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Twitter and NYC

It's official, I have hopped off of the Twitter train. The reason... well to be honest there's a couple...the main one is because I'm soon going to be trying to get a job and I don't want to constantly wonder oh no, what if this isn't acceptable for them... also, I hardly ever go on twitter so it wasn't a big loss for me, but the way I look at it, the less accounts you have, the less time you spend worrying, and the more time you have to do more fun stuff!
Speaking of fun stuff... I just got back from New York City last night, It was amazing! I wish I could go back tomorrow! But of corse I can't and by tomorrow, I'll be back at babysitting! I'll try and get a Nyc post up as soon as possible, but I've been pretty busy! Hope you all are having a good summer!

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