Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I still feel like were all going to show up and talk about how much we want to grow up faster..well it's happening, right before our eyes

Well my last day at my school I've gone to for ten years was yesturday. It was sad, yet I couldn't cry, not one tear, and I still haven't. I don't think it has sunk in at all yet, I still feel like were all going to show up at school on monday and it'll all be the same, but it won't be! the next time some of us are together, it'll be in High School.
Two nights ago was my graduation, It was a night that I have been looking forward to since I knew about it! It was just as I imagined it too.

It feels like everything is changing, I'm getting older, leaving my comfort zones, and just growing up in general....

So here's to growing older, and doing new things!
Have a great summer vacation :)

P.S. I am selling my graduation dress for 75.00,
I paid 150.00 for it at the store,
If you are interested in it, please leave a comment below,
Thank you :)
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Forever21~ Times Square Grand Opening!

All I can say is OH MY GOODNESS!!! No one told me about this! I had no warning! and then BAM! there it was, on my facebook home page... Forever 21 times square grand opening!!....
The first thought that poped into my head is it must be HUGE {thats what she said ;)} And I was right! here are the details as said by Forever21's blog "The Skinny":
"Throughout 4 floors and 90,000 sq. ft. of retail space, there are 151 fitting rooms, 32 cash registers, a genuine NYC taxi cab (yes, inside the store), an oversized tree house, a room covered in gold studs and a giant LCD billboard outside where the models on screen interact with onlookers—literally. For the city that never sleeps, now you can do some serious insomnia shopping because the Times Square store is open until 1AM on weekdays and 2AM on the weekend."

Lets just say I am now EVEN MORE {If its possible} excited to go to NYC!!!

{Did I mention they have their own {first ever} shoe salon on the first floor!!!}

On another note... I'm graduating in like two days!!!

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Saturday, June 19, 2010


The days are getting hot! hot! hot! I find myself reaching for tank tops, or flowey dresses to stay cool but recently I've been seeing rompers everywhere and wanting some in my wardrobe!
Even Blake Lively is sporting them!

Forever 21~12.80

Forever 21~19.90

Belle Du Jour at Macy's~ 24.99


Abercrombie and Fitch~88.00
So cute! hope your all having an excelent Saturday :)
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Friday, June 18, 2010

Fisrt pair of heels!

When I was younger I was a bit of a tom boy, when I turned twelve or thirteen though I started wanting to wear dresses and pretty things. Sence then I've looked at all the girls wearing high heels and thought how pretty they were but then followed the thought If I had high heels, where would I wear them?!. Then came graduation! I so looked forward to getting my first pair of heels for graduation, that was untill I got out there and started trying them all on.
I found that all the high heels I tried on were either too high, or not wide enough, or had too thick of a heel for my liking. My nana and I went out three different times looking for heels, and It wasn't untill the what felt like twentith store that we finally found a pair. At first I wasn't sold on them, even when we were walking out of the store with them in hand I wasn't sold on them, but when I got home and tried them on with my dress, they were perfect!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

First 5K!!

From Monday to last night I was on an amazing grad trip! I had so much fun kayaking, swimming, tanning, and just overall relaxing! But on Sunday, I woke up early and made my way to the starting line of a 5k run! My pace was measured by my mom as my goal was to stick with her the whole way, walking or running, we did it together! We finished hand in hand and I jogged the whole thing! By the end of it my confidence level was boosted, and I felt great! I was proud of myself, and my mom! We don't have any photo's from that day but not to worry, the memories are etched into my head.
Here are a few things I would like to have for my next 5K from Lululemon!

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Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!

I know I've hardly been blogging but I swear I've been crazy busy! Family events, sport events, and obviously schooling! The school year is almost over and soon I'll be out of the school I've been in for the past ten years, I remember always seeing the girls all dressed up in beautiful dresses, and high heels with their hair all done up. I just can't believe that watching all those girls {and boys} do the same thing year after year, it's finally my turn! I honestly don't know wether to be sad or happy. I'm sad because I'm leaving the place I learnt so much, and have so many memories, but I'm happy because it mans I'm growing up, and It'll be a new beginning!
So this comming month my calender is crazy full!
~Tomorrow I'm getting my retainer
~ Graduation trip
~5K walk/Run with my mom
~ A bunch of band performances
~Actual graduation
...the list goes on, but anyways, I'll try and keep you all up to date!

{Taken a few days ago in our garden :)}
Happy Monday ;)