Thursday, May 13, 2010

New York~Forever 21

I am so excited for New York!!! I go in apx. 50 days!! I keep getting all glum and wanting to be there so bad then I find myself on store websites picking out things that I think are cute, adorable, and thinks I NEED NOW! I've been checking out Forever 21 alot lately, I've been told that their clothes are cheaply made, but from what I've seen the prices are amazing and the clothes are totaly cute! Anyways I was going through my computer and found these photo's I saved a while ago that I liked, hope you like em' too!

I'm really loving the boyfriend jackets lately but with it being so hot lately I have no reason to buy any but at Forever 21's prices I would be totaly fine with it!

How comfy does this look!??!?

....AND THIS!!!!

I just thought these were SOOOO CUTE!! I love that their blue too!

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