Thursday, May 13, 2010

New York~Forever 21

I am so excited for New York!!! I go in apx. 50 days!! I keep getting all glum and wanting to be there so bad then I find myself on store websites picking out things that I think are cute, adorable, and thinks I NEED NOW! I've been checking out Forever 21 alot lately, I've been told that their clothes are cheaply made, but from what I've seen the prices are amazing and the clothes are totaly cute! Anyways I was going through my computer and found these photo's I saved a while ago that I liked, hope you like em' too!

I'm really loving the boyfriend jackets lately but with it being so hot lately I have no reason to buy any but at Forever 21's prices I would be totaly fine with it!

How comfy does this look!??!?

....AND THIS!!!!

I just thought these were SOOOO CUTE!! I love that their blue too!

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3 Months

I'd rather have bad times with you,
than good times with someone else.
I'd rather be beside you in a storm,
than safe and warm by myself.
I'd rather have hard times together,
than have it easy apart.
Remember I'd always love you sweetie,
you're the one who holds my heart.
~Author unknown

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The Head Band Obsession Collection

So in my last post I mentioned that I wanted to start a headband collection, and folk's I've started it, within a week of writing that post. {which is like way long ago now, and I apoligise for my absence!!} Within that week I had accumulated nine new headbands! How awsome right??! I thought so! Here are five of them! I have some cuter ones but I haven't managed to take photo's of them! I'll be trying to get back into doing lookbooks so you should see them then!
{Leighton Meester inspired, ~ I actualy got these from the dollar store! I was so amazed that they were there! I got four in different colours}

{I love this, it's kind of beachy~ Ardene's}

{One of my favourite's~ From Ardene's}

{Blake Lively inspired~ From Ardene's}
*All photo's in this post belong to Don't Blink blog*