Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I'm Currently...

Tiffany at has started doing these post's called "What I'm Currently...". She explained how she thought it would be nice to look back and know what she was doing, or what she was into at that time. Being the time perserving person I am I loved this idea! I think i'm going to try and do one every two weeks or once every month, and I may change up the topics a bit! Hope you enjoy :)
...Obsessing about
I am so freaking about New York City!! I've also been obsessing about Gossip Girl which is filmed in New York so it's perfect!

I got this purse from Mark. by Avon for $32.00! The photo does not do it justice! I am in love with it. Though I may not use it as a summer bag, I know i'm going to love it in the winter!


I'm in the middle of this book right now...actualy it's what I should be doing right now concidering it's part of a book report that's due on friday! but I'll get to it ;) So far it's pretty good, with some unexpected twists!


....It dosen't look good, but it was!!!!

.....Listening to.
I'm loving Orianthi's song Acording to you. It explains about this girl who's between two people, one is telling her that she does everything wrong, while the other is telling her he loves her because of all those things! It shows girls that there's someone who will treat you right out there! It's pretty inspiring in my opinion.
Hope your easters were hoppin' {haha ;)}

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