Sunday, April 11, 2010

My dream shoe closet would be Style-ish's Now, perhaps I don't have $1000.00 to spend on one pair of shoes and have like 100 pairs, but I can dream can't I?!
~My dream shoe closet~

Marc By Marc Jacobs~ 230.00
Ok so maybe it's just because I'm me, but I think these are adorable!

Marc By Marc Jacobs~ 199.00

Christian Louboutin~565.00

Christian Louboutin~675.00

Christian Louboutin~875.00

Christian Louboutin~ 995.00

Diane Von Furstenberg ~ 75.00

Gucci~ 450.00

Miu Miu~465.00

Miu Miu~ 610.00
I. Think. I'm. In. Love.

Prada~ 420.00

Prada~ 790.00

Tory Burch~ 195.00
I sosososososo Love these!
Plus... {As said by Tiffany @ Style-ish} they are super comfy.

Tory Burch~195.00


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