Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Graduation Hair

I've been stressing about grad shoes lately so I thought I would take a load off of shoe stressing and switch to looking for hair idea's!
At first I was thinking I would just go straight because I usualy wear my hair curly but I've been thinking and I kind of want to do something with it up because it's going to be HOT inside our school gym!

I love Lauren Conrad! She is always dressed very chic{ly}

yet very LA and I love the look of this do'.

I adore Taylor Swift's ringlet curls! And I am in love with this look it looks very cuts, and maybe with a sparkly head band like Blake lively is wearing below...

I've been watching the Gossip Girl episodes online and I recently watched this one for the first time and was in love with everything she "was" in this scene! Her hair, Her dress...oh gosh the dress! She just looked like a godess! But I don't think that having my hair poof out of the back of my head like that would compliment me that much... I think it's better for blondes ;)

Ok this one isn't an updo' and yes it's a "wedding hairstyle" but I thought it was ravishing! I lived it so I just thought It was worth sharing!
So what do you think I should do with my hair?! which one do you like best?! LAuren, Taylor, Blake or ""wedding girl"?!
*None of these photo's belong to 'Don't Blink'*

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  1. I LOVE the wedding girl and Taylor Swifts - but I know that you could pull of any of 'em! :)