Saturday, April 24, 2010

Gossip Girl~Inspiration

Like I said in my last post, I've been watching Gossip Girl alot lately. {I'm on season two Episode 7!} I love the drama, the city, and the fashion! Speaking of the fashion..if you have seen even one episode of Gossip Girl you have noticed Blair Woldorfs head bands!

{ }

They are like a staple to her wardrobe. There aren't alot of places around where I live to get extravigant head bands like hers that I've noticed, but from now on I'm keeping my eye out!

Here are a couple that I saw online that I fell inlove with..hope you like!

~Forever 21~4.80~

~Forever 21~5.80~

~Forever 21~4.80~

~Saks Fifth Avenue~82.00~

This one is my favourite I think...
It's very Blair-esque :)
Hope you all have a fabulous weekend :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Graduation Hair

I've been stressing about grad shoes lately so I thought I would take a load off of shoe stressing and switch to looking for hair idea's!
At first I was thinking I would just go straight because I usualy wear my hair curly but I've been thinking and I kind of want to do something with it up because it's going to be HOT inside our school gym!

I love Lauren Conrad! She is always dressed very chic{ly}

yet very LA and I love the look of this do'.

I adore Taylor Swift's ringlet curls! And I am in love with this look it looks very cuts, and maybe with a sparkly head band like Blake lively is wearing below...

I've been watching the Gossip Girl episodes online and I recently watched this one for the first time and was in love with everything she "was" in this scene! Her hair, Her dress...oh gosh the dress! She just looked like a godess! But I don't think that having my hair poof out of the back of my head like that would compliment me that much... I think it's better for blondes ;)

Ok this one isn't an updo' and yes it's a "wedding hairstyle" but I thought it was ravishing! I lived it so I just thought It was worth sharing!
So what do you think I should do with my hair?! which one do you like best?! LAuren, Taylor, Blake or ""wedding girl"?!
*None of these photo's belong to 'Don't Blink'*

Monday, April 12, 2010

On The Hunt!

Ok so I've decided I need Louboutin's for my Graduation! I've looked at Kijiji, Ebay, and Holt Renfrew....but nothing has came up. Where I live Holt Renfrew dosen't Carry Louboutin's, I have e-mailed them asking about possible shipping to my local Holt Renfrew, but so far I haven't Heard back.

I just feel like they would be the one thing that could complete my graduation outfit, and I can't see myself waering any other shoes with this dress...

What I'm looking for...

~Size 10


~3inch or less heel

~Either rounded or pointed toe



Wish me luck!!!

Grater than...

My World in >'s
{Inspired by}
Family & friends > Money
Louboutin's> Payless's
Shopping> Exercise
New York> Kemptville
Country Music> Hip hop {currently, not perminately}
Sweet> Salty
Gossip Girl> Judge Judy
Questioning > Knowing
Happy girls> Pretty Girls
Busy> Relaxing
Popcorn> Chips
Road trips> Flying
Twilight> Harry Potter { ;) }
Loving you> Everything
Hope everyone Is having a good Monday ;)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My dream shoe closet would be Style-ish's Now, perhaps I don't have $1000.00 to spend on one pair of shoes and have like 100 pairs, but I can dream can't I?!
~My dream shoe closet~

Marc By Marc Jacobs~ 230.00
Ok so maybe it's just because I'm me, but I think these are adorable!

Marc By Marc Jacobs~ 199.00

Christian Louboutin~565.00

Christian Louboutin~675.00

Christian Louboutin~875.00

Christian Louboutin~ 995.00

Diane Von Furstenberg ~ 75.00

Gucci~ 450.00

Miu Miu~465.00

Miu Miu~ 610.00
I. Think. I'm. In. Love.

Prada~ 420.00

Prada~ 790.00

Tory Burch~ 195.00
I sosososososo Love these!
Plus... {As said by Tiffany @ Style-ish} they are super comfy.

Tory Burch~195.00


*All Photo's in this post belong to*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What I'm Currently...

Tiffany at has started doing these post's called "What I'm Currently...". She explained how she thought it would be nice to look back and know what she was doing, or what she was into at that time. Being the time perserving person I am I loved this idea! I think i'm going to try and do one every two weeks or once every month, and I may change up the topics a bit! Hope you enjoy :)
...Obsessing about
I am so freaking about New York City!! I've also been obsessing about Gossip Girl which is filmed in New York so it's perfect!

I got this purse from Mark. by Avon for $32.00! The photo does not do it justice! I am in love with it. Though I may not use it as a summer bag, I know i'm going to love it in the winter!


I'm in the middle of this book right now...actualy it's what I should be doing right now concidering it's part of a book report that's due on friday! but I'll get to it ;) So far it's pretty good, with some unexpected twists!


....It dosen't look good, but it was!!!!

.....Listening to.
I'm loving Orianthi's song Acording to you. It explains about this girl who's between two people, one is telling her that she does everything wrong, while the other is telling her he loves her because of all those things! It shows girls that there's someone who will treat you right out there! It's pretty inspiring in my opinion.
Hope your easters were hoppin' {haha ;)}