Sunday, March 7, 2010

"Where'd you get that scarf?!?!" "A tub Of Becel Margarine!"

A wierd statement right? Well it's true! My mom and I were grocery shopping, and she saw that Becel Margarine is giving away a free scarf with every tub of margarine....I thought this was a bit wierd at first, but then I read further into it and realized the scarfs are to represent the Heart Truth campaign. The Heart Turth Campaign's priority is to inform women about risk of heart disease, and stroke, also to empower women to protect their heart health.

Here are some pics of my Heart Healt scarf~

Here's a heart touching video about the Campaign~

Many people have pleadged to do "One small thing" a day to help improve their hear, here aree some you can try.

~Cook at home more than eating out.

~Take a deep breath to relax, and handle stress.

~Get out and be active.

~Take the stairs at work/school.

~Treat yourself to some me time, once a day.

What are you going to do to help your heart?!

*Photo's by Don't Blink*

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