Sunday, March 7, 2010


So, this week I got some disapointing news...we won't be going to Bermuda. this is due to not having a place to stay. I was fairly disaponted at this because I was looking forward to it. A day or so went by, thinking about this on and off, and then my nana {whom I was supposed to be going with} called, we talked for an hour or so, and by the end of our talk, we had decided that we would go somewhere this year, or save up $1000+ for a hotel in Bermuda in a year. I would not save for another year, i've been saving money for two yearss straight, and frankly i'm getting sick of it, so then an amazing, almost too good to be true thought poped into my head....New York City.
I have ALWAYS wanted to go. I love the fashion, the spirit, just everything about it {that i've seen on movies, t.v. or the internet} and i've never been there before. I did a bunch of research on it, not thinking that my Nana would even concider this, as she's kind of a country gal. So I bookmarked all of the possible hotels, all of the Iconic travel spots, just because I like to dream.
A couple days passed and my Nana called to talk to me about our travel plans. Five minutes into the conversation I dropped the bomb with a simple... "yea, New York would be cool" and guess what her reply was?! "Yea I looked into it, and that would be nice" I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK!! MY Nana is concidering going to New York City?!? It was almost unbearable!

So a week went by, and I had done a bunch of research, as had she. and finally we come to a conclusion.... Were going to New York City!! at first we were going to take a plane, but then we came across a bus tour that is half the price!
We don't know when were going yet, there are two possible dates, either July 30-August 2, or September 3-6. I really don't want to go with the July/August one because I could have a couple hundred more dollars saved up if we went with the September one, but, if the september one falls on my first day of highschool, than there is no way i'm going with that one, so this all falls into the hands of when the first day of highschool is. Which we will find out tomorrow...suspence much?! I think so!
So, either way, were going so I might as well show you some of my "Must shop's"
Saks's Fifth Avenue



Tiffany's <3

{sorry, but I think the <3>



Louis Vuitton

...and H&m!

There are plenty more, but I'll keep it at that many! I am mojorly excited!!

If you know of any New York Must-See's pleasee comment!

*None of these phot's belong to Don't Blink*

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