Friday, March 12, 2010

March Break

So, it is now officialy March break! I don't know wether to be excited about this or sad. I'm the kind of person who needs a routine to stick to, and when I don't have a routine I get all out of wack. On the other side of things, having a break from school is always a good thing!

So this march break, I'll be babysitting for the most part but the other part I plan on getting some of my 101 goals done among other things! Speaking of my 101 Goals in 1001 days, I have 70 to go! with 716 days left! {If your interested in making your own list and want some insperation here's a link to one of my friends blog, she has just recently started her blog and I think it is definately worth checking out!}

So here is my list of things to do on March Break~

~Get my grad dress

~Finish the book "Shopaholic Hits Manhattan"
~Get to page 10 in my flute book

~{#14 on my list}Make 25 straight free throws

~{#31}Pull an all nighter

~{#59}Make a homemade jar of applesauce

~{#81} Get everyone's adresses

~{#98} write some written letters

....It will be a long week.

I'll sign off with a lovely photo of the Brooklyn bridge...oh how I wish I was in Manhattan for March Break!

*The photo above does not belong to Don't Blink*


  1. Aww thank you Breanne! :)

    And I know what you mean with the routine thing, I am the same way!

  2. Hey Bre :) must say i L-O-V-E your blog!!