Wednesday, March 3, 2010

iBest {for free}

I am a bit of a major technology lover. So obviously I'm glued to my iPhone. with all this glue-ing and such, come downloading app's, there's the bad ones, the good ones, and the just plain stupid ones. Something to add, is that i've never spent money on app's. This is mostly because I don't have a credit card, but in truth, if I did, I probobaly wouldn't use it for app's, there's enough good free ones out there that I don't think it's nessisary to spend money on them. So, here are my favourite {free} lifestyle ones {I have so many favourite's that i'm going to seperate it into two catagory's lifestyle, and games{to come soon}}....


First up, we have the Facebook app. This one is probably one of my top used app's. It's well organized, but the chat option kinda sucks, it takes a long time to load the messages, but other than that I love it!

The "Twittelator" app is superb, if you have twitter! {Follow me!~} It's again one of my top used app's. This is mainly because I like to be "in the know" and I follow a bunch of celeberties, like Katy Perry, Lauren Conrad, and Bon Jovi!

Ah, the Elle app, It has your daily horoscope, weekly horoscope, and celeb gossip! It also has like style of the day and stuff, but i'm not that interested in those features, I'm more for the celeb gossib, and Horoscopes.
{} app!! This app makes me silently eek!! It has everything for the girl that wants to keep up with the styles. It has, up to date runway shows {including Chanel, Gucci, Christian Louboutin, etc.!} It also has up to date red carpet photo's, and a look of the day feature for the fashionista to choose her favourite look of the day, then proceed to find out what other people have chosen, shown in percentages.
{Gorilla cam - iPhone only}
Oh gorillacam!! You don't have to like photography to be into this app. If you have an iPhone, and you've tried the holding-the-phone-away-to-get-a-shot-of-yourself/you and someone else trick, you know that the iPhone photo app has a teeny tiny touch button on the screen to capture that photo, which makes it nearly impossible to take the photo. BUUUTTTT with the gorillacam app!! there's a feature that makes that teeny tiny button THE WHOLE SCREEN!! I was so impressed! this feature has helped in so many situations!!
iLaugh... If you don't like jokes, that just skip to the next app. I lovee this app, on a bad day, when i'm mad, usualy going to this app, results in laugh's, and a happier me!


I'm kind of a sentimantal person, and I love cute quotes, and stuff, but some people may not. This app features Funny quotes, loveie quotes, and serious quotes, I love all of them!


If you have Facebook, and you know what Bumper Sticker is, and you love that app like I do, than this app is for you! It has funny litte photo's, with quotes, jokes, and theres some photography ones. I just love it!

{White Noise}

Ok, here's a fast fact about me~ I cannot sleep without a fan....It just soothes me and I fall asleep like a baby, but without it, i'm up all night, tossing, and turning. This app has multiple "soothing sounds" like Extream rain pooring, Oscalting fan, Airplane ride, White noise, train ride, and a couple others. Another great this about this app, is that you can set a timer for how long you want the noise to be on for, so it's not on all night essentialy killing your battery.

I downloaded this app one day when my dad and I were going to a movie, I don't use it that often, but when I do it is amazing! You can find out show times, where the nearest theater is to you, get directions, and watch trailers! For the movie buff, I think this app is truly amazing!

So, that's my favourite "Lifestyle" app's, I'll post my favourite games later this week! sorry I haven't been posting, I have been majorly busy, mainly being sick, and such.

Happy Sunday :)

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