Sunday, March 28, 2010

DIY~ Sweet n' Sassy Pearl Necklace

Two of my favourite blogs are and . Both of these ladies make my day a little brighter reading about their opinions on fashion, photography, and sometimes their DIY's. I have marked alot of their DIY's in my favourite's and never really gotten to doing them!'s my plan, I'm going to try and do one DIY a week, and I'll share it with you guys {whoever you are}! Sound good...? Well if not than you might want to skip this post. I got this Idea from Tiffany from {post~ I did change it a bit.} So here it is, my very first DIY post....{Can't you just imagine the heavens singing, and the clouds opening than I guess I should get that checked out ;)}

Sweet n' Sassy Pearl Necklace

What you need~

~A strand of pearls

~A Ruler




~Thick thread.

Step 1

Cut pearls off of thread and put them into a bowl. {You can use different sized pearls and ribbon folds} I bought my pearls at the dollar store, or you can get them at craft stores, though they will probably cost more.
Step 2

Measure out and cut 10 6 inch pieces of ribbon.
Plus two 15 inch pieces depending on how big you want your necklace to hang.

Step 3

Thread your needle onto one end of the thread, and tie a knot at the other. {make sure your knot is large enough to withstand the fiber of the ribbon}

Take one of your 15 inch pieces of ribbon and make an accordian fold with it four times {there should be alot of excess ribbon that will be used to tie the necklace around your neck} so it looks like the photo above.

Step 4

Thread a pearl on.

Now take your 6 inch pieces of ribbon and accordion fold on if them, then proceed to thread it onto your needle, then pushing it down the thread.

Repeate the Pearl and 6 inch ribbon instructions untill you have used all of your 6 inch pieces. It should look like the photo above.

After that, thread on the other piece of 15 inch ribbon with an accordion fold and knot the thread again, make sure it is tight, and big enough so that it will not go through your ribbon. Cut off any excess thread.

.....And Viola!

I had a bunch of pealrs left so I decided to do another one, only this time I weaved the ribbon through the pearls as I put them on!
*All photo's on this post belong to Don't Blink*

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  1. Wow Breanne, I LOVE this! I think I am going to try it this weekend. :)