Sunday, February 28, 2010

New addition to my shoe collection~ Gladiator style

I've been posting alot about spring clothes, and spring sandals, etc. It's been alot of fun but whats even more fun is buying these sring things! This weekend I went into my Uncle and Aunts house to babysit for them and we had a great time {minus the night I got no sleep} and on our way home we stopped off at Globo shoes, they had a couple pairs of sandals I liked but none I really loved. So, I walked out with nothing. I felt bad about this because, I don't know what it is, but I feel awkward walking out of a store without buying anything, it's something i've always had to deal with. So our next and last stop was at Payless, they usualy don't have as good quality as somewhere like Globo, but I decided to try anyways. So we walked in, I went to my size aisle, and Bam These baby's jumped out at me! I lovee them! there's just what I wanted, with more gems {more is always a good thing when it comes to sparkles, or gems!}

{It says 24.99 but I paid 39.99 in the store}

I can't wait for spring! and to buy more cute things~of corse!
*Photo's by Don't Blink*

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