Thursday, February 25, 2010

Closet Insperation

Am I the only one that dreams of what kind of closet I want when I have my own house?! Maybe it's because i'm a bit of an organizing freak, but seeing photo's of shoe's on shelfs row upon row, organized perfectly thrills me to no end! Here are some {maybe too extravigant} photo's of closet's I would love....

{Paula Abdul}
Ok, so maybe this closet is one of the less organized one's but I still like the essence that she has one room just for her acessories!

{Mariah Carey}
Ok, what woman wouldn't want this in her house?!?! It's amazing! Like how could she wear all of those shoes in one life time?! If they were all my shoes, I would be constantly changing my shoes!!

{Olivia Palermo}

On the last season of The City one of the episodes showed a bit of Olivia's closet, and from the tiny glance I saw, I was fasinated!! I thought it was awsome, Though, now looking at it {maybe it's just the picture} it isn't as awsome as I thought....did anyone else see the episode??!

{Miley Cyrus {But I don't think this is her real closet}}

I LOVEE THIS if I had like a room for my clothes, I would have this as one wall with all my shoes, and on the two sides have rails for clothing! how awsome would that be?!

{Sex in the City Carrie Bradshaw}
I don't think this post would be right without posting a photo of the famous Carrie Bradshaw's closet! {I love the one Big made her in the movie but I couldn't find a pic of it! } I think that this one is more realistic compared to the other's, and I would love it!

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