Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bow's...Flower print's...and Ruffle's, Oh My!

Ever Sence my nana got beack from Bermuda last year I have been itching to go. The clear waters, the pink sand, and the tropical flowers have sucked me in. So this past weekend we were talking and exitedly my nana informed me that we could now set a date. After negotiating my graduation event's, we settled for June 1-8th. I am over joyed and majorly excited!! With all of this talk of beautiful flowers, blue waters and pink sand beaches, I've been in a winter drought, and keep finding myself on clothing websites staring at short's, skirt's, and cute tank tops! Of corse, I couldn't look at these things and not share some of my finds! so here they are....


I must say, I am such a sucker for polk-a-dots :)

{Hollister~ 29.50}

This would be cute with like a pair of jean short's, I'm in love with the lace!


...Do I even have to explain this one?! ;)


I don't know what's happened to me, but I just totaly ADORE these tropical flower prints!!


..And again with the Flowers :)

This one reminds me of Lauren Conrad, it's very casual, but MAJORLYY CUTE!

AHHH...Bow's....Ruffle's.....Oh my!!!

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