Monday, January 18, 2010

The wise man speaks of what he see's, the idiot of what he hears.

o my weekend started off pretty normal, with hockey on friday night.... {two penalty's and a win later haha} Then on saturday I went to see the Lovely Bones with my dad.

I still don't know how I felt about this movie. It was very visual. As in it showed dead people, and such. I for one, am not much of a fan for such things, but I endured it till the end. I think the actors were very good, but I have a friend who read the book, and from what she told me, they are two very different things, with different story lines. I think I would have preffered Up in the Air much better, but anyways.

Then came Sunday, when I finished three projects I have been doing, The first one was the book Breakfast At Bloomingdales. I swear this book made me want to pack up my things and move to NYC to become a fashion designer, I have drawn a couple of things, but I don't think I would be that good with a sewing machine. It was an awsome book, and I would recemend it to anyone! {though the begining is a bit depressing}

The second, was finishing my "map wall". When I get older I really want to travel the world, so for christmas I got a world map, It's been up on my wall by it's lonesome for a while now, but I decided to spice it up a bit, so beginnnging on thursday night, I started painting a white eight inch border around it, so I can put pictures up, around it, {smart, right? } then, I decided to personalize it, by putting a saying up on it. I went to trusty ol' google, and typed in "travel quotes" I went to the first link, and there was a numberd list. I read numberone~it was no good, the I read number two~ It was perfect. {I bet your wondering, what was number two?!?! } Well I guess you'll have to wait for me to post a picture, eh. Just kidding, Number two is "The world is a book, and those who don't travel , only read one page" - clever, right? I wish I could say I made it up. So, after finally finishing that, I had to wait for the paint to dry, to put up my map.

For the past couple month's I had been reading Harry Potter {the third} I was 100 pages away from being done! I figured, I've finished two tasks today, why not shoot for a third?

An hour or so passed, and I was done. It wasn't a bad book, I definately liked the first better than it, but, it wasn't horrible, I liked the ending, but it threw me for a bit of a loop. I think i'm going to take a break from the Harry Potter novels for a little while. My next book, Is Confessions Of a Shopaholic!! I am so excited, I'm on chapter seven already, and the first shocker for me was that it's a british book!!!

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