Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I don't design clothes. I design dreams. ~ Ralph Lauren

On day's like today, calm, tiring, a bit cloudy, I have this wierd urge to just look at shoes, and clothes all day. I have no clue what it is, but it makes me go to google a type in "coach.ca" or "prada.com" and I get to these site's and I simply swoon over all the beautiful things! So today, I figured i'd share some with you...

First stop~Coach!!!!
So, I was happily looking through the purses, when I found this amazing little baby! I fell in love with it instantly!! I think it may look wierd if i walked into a store with it, so, I thought...wouldn't it be clever to use it as like a highschool bag?! I could keep my wallet, cell phone, note pad, extra pens etc. in it, and it would be perfect!!!!

Then, I found this lovely umbrella. See, I always hated umbrella's because they were all so ugly, and I just hated them, but I think I would so use this one!!! *Bonus* it could fit in my "Coach school bag"

Lately, i've been having somewhat of a belt problem, I had this one black belt that was perfect, but...I wore it like every day....and it strted stretching, and wearing, then it started taring!!! and now, I am left without any cool/good looking belts. So when I came upon this beautiful belt..I thought, that's it!!! it's perfect, and beautiful!!! {though it may be better in silver}

Next stop~ Lacoste!!!

So as we all know spring is comming. ok, well spring collections are comming. And with spring comes mud, and rain, and more mud, which would mean that these suppper!! cute Lacoste rain boots, could keep a girl fashionable, and dry!!! ~pretty good reasoning, if I do say so myself!

Then of corse, comes summer!! and you can't walk around all summer in flip flops, there may be some chilly nights spent in the city where your wearing, lets say a cute pair of jeans, and a light sweater, but of corse, it's too cold for flip flops or sandals, and flat's just won't cut it, but....don't worry you have these super cute shoes, to keep you comfy, warm, and colourful!

Stop numero three~ Town shoes!!!

So i'm not quite into the whole heels phase yet, but for the love of Audrey Hepburn these three pairs are so cute I couldn't resist!!! I guess Townshoes has came out with this Barbie collection and they gave them the cute christian louboutin flair by making all the undersole's pink!!! SOOO CUTE!!!! here are my top two favourite pairs~

honestly, who dosen't love sparkle, pink{!!!}, and a cute bow?!?!

This one is basicaly the same, but in black, but I couldn't choose between the two!! there so alike, but they would go with compleatly different things!!

And then, I stumbled upon these, there Steve Madden's and I instantly fell in love!! I mean look at them!! They are absalutely adorable!!!

So maybe I've been reading too many Fashion blogs, or fashion magazeins, or books, but I am having so much fun!! You can't blame me for it...can you?

*None of the photo's used in this post belong to this blog*

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