Tuesday, January 26, 2010

choo, choo, chooose me!!!!

Ok!! big!!! news!!!! This amazing place called Net-A-Porter {http://www.net-a-porter.com/am/home.nap} is having an AMAZING contest!!! They are giving away a 40, 000 shopping spree!!!!! How amazing is that?!?! like crazy right?!?!!? Well, all I can say is Net-A-porter if your tuning in PLEASEEE PICKKK MEEE!!!!!

Of corse, after entering the contest, I had to check out the stuff I could buy if I won, so here are my picks just from the shoes, and bags!!!!

I've been looking for a bag for quite some time now, and I think this one would be perfect!! it's Marc Jacons, and would be soooo cute on my shoulder, or gracing my inner elbow {after i take the big, chunkey strap off of corse!
Ok, seriously, could these shoes be any more AWSOME!! with the GLITTER, and the FLOWERS!!

Look at these B-Eau-tiful Louboutin's They could be awsome Grad shoes for this year!! and if I had A dress like the signature Maralyn Munroe white dress, how cute would that be?!?!
Do I even have to say why I would want these?!?
Ahh, Flat's, I hate to say it, but these might be the first pair of realistic shoes I want, but If I won 40, 000 shopping spree, I think it would be smart to start my heel collection, right
Have I mentioned how much I LOVEE the colour blue, I could wear it like 24/7, I would even dye my hair blue!! {ok, maybe not that much love, but you get my point
And of corse, save the best for last! Do you know how much I want a pair of black Louboutin's?!?! Like sooo Bad!!! I would wear them to sleep!!! that's how badly I want, and love them!!!!!
{None of these photo's belong to the don't blink blog, and I am in now way accepting credit for these photo's}

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  1. I LOVE the bag, the first pair of shoes, and the third pair of red ones! So pretty! :)