Wednesday, December 30, 2009

long time...big changes..

So i've kindof abandoned this blog...between hockey, christmas, homework...and everything else, it's gotten lost and out of my mind. so let me fill you in on what's happend sence my last post....

New hair cut~

So, I liked my new bangs that I cut...but I didn't love them and i've seen a couple people that have gotten blunt bangs and looked amazing, so I got my mom to make me a hair appointmet...and the next day at four o'clock I was sitting in the hair dressers chair telling her...I want to try blunt bangs...if i don't try I'll never know, right? So twenty minutes later...I looked like this...

it looks pretty good in the photo...but I don't think i'm going to be sticking with it.... there kinda hard to maintain, and i'm the kind of person who hates when hair is in my eyes...

There's an app for that~

So christmas was awsome...we did our regular traditions...watched Grandma Got Run Over By A Raindeer, Went to church with my nana...vistited...chistmas day I got an I-phone!!! It was very exciting!!! if anyone has any good app requests feel free to comment!

Ring Ring Ring-
the one year we have the opourtunity to go to a kickin' mom says no, because it's in kingston....I still have a bit of faith that we might go but i dout it.... so i'm left trying to find something interesting to do new years eve that wont leave my ringing in the new years with a frown on my face...any ideas...leave a comment please!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Well it's December now, the snow is falling, the stores are crazy, and I am loving it....

I love the cheer, and the drama of it all, the spirit thats in the air, the family moments, and everything!

...then there's last night. So my mom won this Upper Canada Village gift pack from Achannel. Earlier yesturday, I had the bright idea that we should go that night. My mom thought about it while I was at school, and while the weather channel was screaming at us about the comming storm she decided sure lets go...

So my mom picked me up from school, told me that we were going to go and pick up my nana, have supper, then headder to Upper Canada Village.

Once we got there everything was good, I had my tri-pod strapped onto my back, my camera bag on my shoulder, and my camera around my neckand we set off into the village...

{me and my nana}

Once we were let in, went on the horse trolly, and walked around a bout two min. later, i feel it, it's the worst thing to ever be felt while your at a place like Upper Canada Village...It was the slush seeping through my non water proof boots. oh but trust me my friend, it got much worse that that...for one it got much cold that my socks almost froze to my feet. My Nana and my Mom went to the church as I took photo's.

So I set off to the other end of the park. I got there, And my darn tripod was being stupid!! I couldn't take it anymore, and there they came, rushing to my eyes, they broke the surface and started running down my cheaks. I was so frustrated, cold, and Just felt horrible, so I started packing everything and headed to where my Nana and Mom were.
I got there as they were comming out and Explained everything. We were all pretty content with what we had done, and decided to head home. I got into the car and I took my boots and socks off I swore my feet were rock solid. It was so painful. With the help of my nana's warm hands, by the time we got home, my feet felt normal again, and my tears were gone.
So it may not have been the best experiance at the time, but I now know what not to do while going to Upper Canada Village!