Saturday, November 28, 2009

The First Cut Is The Deepest

~So in the past i've been known to be pretty cautious person, I eat all my veggie's,{I don't concider brussels sprouts as a vegtable} I get my homework done on time, sometimes weeks before the project is due... but recently this has changed a bit...I don't know how it all started but i've been taking chances, skipping studying, not doing chores when i'm supposed to, and not really being myself.

~Last night we were supposed to be going bowling with my mom and her friends, when I was getting ready I started getting mad at my hair, specifically my bangs. You see, I get my hair cut at the beginning of school so of corse slowly but surely my hair had grown resaulting in my bangs being a tad overgrown. I was texting my friend while I was getting ready, nd I told her about my dilemma. To which she replied

"why don't you just cut them yourself?!"


You see, I have an awful fear of screwing up my hair ever sence that time in kindergarden when I cut my hair and we had to get it all chopped off....I thought to myself as if that's guna happen again! Then my friend proceeded to say

"well you can just trim them..."

As I thought about this i started thinking I guess just trimmimg a little bit would be ok... so I went into the bathroom equipped with scissors. After figuring out how i was going to hold my bangs while I cut them I cut a little bit off...then I told myself well it still isn't what I want and they still look too long... so I cut some more off.. I repeated this a couple more times by the end of this my bangs were starting to look a bit uneven and I was a little scared. Suddenly my mom came in and insisted she needed the shower, so I scidadled out of there and a thought dawned upon me...hey maybe I should have cut my hair while it was wet! So I went into the kitchen, got my bangs wet in the sink, and swiftly walked to my room where I looked and evend them out.

I blowdried them and straingtend them, and as it turns out....I did a pretty darned good job!

See for yourself....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Are you a Jacob, or Edward girl?

1.What do you find most attractive in a guy

a} one that shines

b} one that lie's

2. What do you prefer

a} being cold

b} getting fur in your mouth

3. what's better

a} a guy in a pea coat

b} a guy in a fur coat

If you haven't read the twilight books before, that you'll have no clue what i'm talking about, but if you have than you'll realize I love Edward!!! Also that I am not a big fan of Jacob! Which made going to the New Moon premiere this past friday with my best friend- a major jacob fan- so much more interesting!

Have you ever gone to a premiere? It's crazy you wait for three hour in line, baised at theater nine, then when it's time you run as fast as you can to theater seven trying not to spill your drink in your limeted edition New Moon cup, and ignoring the emplye's shouting "if you run you will not be watching this movie" ~ i'll tell you, it gives you quite a thrill!

So we got into the movie and the video i was looking forward to-other than twilight came on!! the coca-cola commercial!!!! they are so cute!! here's one of my favourite's ~

And onto the movie...I've heard many opinions about it, some people have said it's better than the first one, other's have said it's alright, inbetween, but then when i try and think of what i thought about it...and i come up with nothing... it's like It was awsome, but all i remember in specific is then ending where Edward asks Bella to marry him...and she goes to respond...but dosent!! and thats where it ends. hmmm, maybe there was just too many Jacob scenes....