Saturday, October 10, 2009

MTV Vma's review!

Oh my ok, the Vma's i dont know where to start...with kanye, or lady gaga, or pink!!! or Madona's heart touching michael jackson tribite!! it was all filled with excitement!

well l'm going to start with the Madona, Michael Jackson tribute It was how they opened up the Vma's because the Show was said to be dedicated to Michael, here is the video link, I found it soo touching, and had tears on the verge of falling with the blink of my eye, here it is...

Then came the infamous Kanye, Taylor Swift happening that's right, he actualy did that in real life....he is the biggest jerk ever!! and taylor looked so sad and she dosent deserve that!! but!!! i am so glad to say! she is comming to my home town!!! ahhhhhh i will be so damn sad if she dosent!!!

Then there was Pink's Cirque du soliel type thing!! it was truely amazing!! she was like in the air with some shirtless guy!!! and Lady gaga didn't dissapoint with her amazingly uh interesting costumes....

hahaha, ok, while looking for one of the video's i found this hilarious video~

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