Tuesday, August 4, 2009

101 Goas in 1001 Days review

so, after yesturday's big old depressing moment, i'm thinkin' i'm in need of somethin happy, so i figured I would update you on my 101 in 1001 days. some of my goals have changed, but i have done alot of them! so here it is...
1. Finish 1-12 scrapbook
2. Finish 13-present scrapbook
3. Finish disney 08' scrapbook
4. Run a 5K race
5. Run a 10K race
6. Start a blog~June 3/09
7. Star to blog on a regualr basis
8. Buy a DSLR camera
9. Sell one of my photo's
10. Do 50 situp's without taking a break
11. Do 40 push-up's without taking a break
12. Kiss someone unexpectedly
13. Attempt writing a novel
14. Make 25 straight free throws
15. Make and ice a cake from scratch- July 30/09
16. Have a saving account with $200+
17. Win a game of rummolie
18. Win a game of solitare on an i-pod
19. Read four of Jane Austin's books
20. Don't spend any money for a month
21. Read 10 biographys {1/10}
22. Do a correct french manicure
23. Have an only french conversation
24. Make 14 meals {2/14}
25. Watch no television for 4 days
26. Don't go on the computor for 4 days
27. Go golfing
28. Go on a shopping spree
29. Get a Lululemon sweater
30. Get a pair of Puma's
31. Pull an all nighter
32. Write ten short story's {0/10}
33. Create 10 video's {1/10}
34. Get one of my scrapbooking pages published in a scrapbooking magazeine
35. Make cupcakes from scratch
36.Don't blow dry or straghten my hair for a week
37. Have 1000 songs
38. Go ziplining
39. Go parasailing
40. Go white water rafting
41. Visit the National Art Museum
42. Meet Chris Neil
43. Score 7 goals in a season of hockey
44. Score three goals in one game of hockey
45. Own ten pairs of flip-flops {4/10}
46. Be in a play
47. Make $50 from one order of Avon
48. Beat Uncle D's score on soccer heading on the wii
49. Read all of the Gossip Girl novels
50. Swim in the ocean
51. Make a decent painting
52. sucessfully mow the grass
53. Go to Bermuda
54. Swim with dolphins
55. Draw a fashion line
56. Send 2000 text's in a month
57. Go kayaking
58. Get a photo of lightning
59. Make a jar of home made applesauce
60. Make home made salsa
61. Make home made bread
62. Watch all the James Bond movies
63. Watch all the Indiana Jones movies
64. Watch all the star wars movies
65. See New Moon the night it premiers
66. Watch all of the Harry Potter movies
67. Read all of the Harry Potter books
68. Learn to type without looking at the key board
69. Go to an A channel morning show
70. Tru sushi
71. Meet someone inspiring
72. Make a bag from scratch
73. Take a hot yoga class
74. Make strawberry jam
75. Plant a tree
76. Get a facial
77. Get a manicure
78. Get a pedicure
79. Blow glass
80. Actualy send out christmas cards
81. Get everyones correct adresses
82. Learn how to play one song on piano
83. Donate blood
84. Do some macro photography
85. Organize my room
86. Get a 6 pack
87. Help a stranger with complete personal disregarde of personal gain
88. Read the Bible
89. Photograph a beach at sunrise, and sunset
90. Send a baloon with a message in it into the sky
91. Send a message in a bottle out to sea
92. Have a girls night out
93. Take at least one photo every day for a year
94. Make a photography portfolio
95. Make a website for my photography
96. Tell the people i love how much they mean to me more often
97. Learn how to style my hair without a blowdrywer or flat iorn
98. Be happy with who I am
99. Donate my hair to cancer
100. Write a letter to my dad telling him how I feel
1001. Learn not to open up to people as easily

Monday, August 3, 2009

make it Scrappy

so, if u know me well, u know one of my loved hobbies is scrapbooking, this is one of my all time fav. layouts made by your's truly. I love it because it's centerd around me my uncle, and my mom in walt disney world, after a water ride, to which we were warned we would get wet! and thought about buying ponchos, but we figured nahh, we wont get wet on this ride {one of our first rides of the day} and yup, you guessed it, we should have bought the ponchos because we did get wet! but hey, thats us, it made for a great story we can tell for years to come!