Sunday, July 26, 2009


" A dream is a wish your heart makes" ~ Autor unknown
When i first read this i thought of all of my personal life goals and everything i want to acheive, graduating highschool, going to collage, getting a good job, and finding happiness. what confuses me so much is how i am going to find happiness in a job, i love photography, but is pays bobcis, and i love writing, but it's so hard to get inspired, and i love traveling, but i dont know how i can incorperate this into a job. at one piont i concidered being a travel writer, and taking photographs and selling them, but what happens when i decide i want a family? i'm not going to be able to be traveling and have a little one, it's just not realistic... but, i guess for now i have time to think about everything, it's just that i'm the kind of person who needs to have everything planned out and it buggs me when its not all planned out, and i don't have something to go by...