Monday, June 8, 2009


Ok, so yall have herd of Twilight right? Well of corse you have how could you not? Every book store you walk into is like, BOOM it's Twilight! Well having watched the first official New Moon trailer ( ) on the MTV movie awards I have turned from being on Team Edward to team Jacob,I mean seriously, if you check out the link you'll realize why, even after reading the books, I guess they just weren't as graphic shall I say? as the book, and I think that Taylor {Jacob} DEFINATLY pulls off the part well :)

{ this all happend right before laughing my butt off at Kristen Stewart DROPPING her POPCORN AWARD!!!!! link here- }


  1. OMG!!! Jacob ( Taylor somethin) is soooo FRIGUN HOT!!!!! even SEXY ;p Girlz you have to go and check him out but really hands off he's mine!!! lol jk

  2. oh mann :)
    that's my buddie right there :)