Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day By Day...

Day by day, stress can just pile up and then the smallest things can make you blow up at even the closest people to you. It can make you do the craziest things. The past little while, i've been like this, i've been stressed about multiple things, and looking at what my life could be like if... I didn't have to save money, ...I didn't have to deal with some thing's, ...I lived somewhere else, ...I was someone else. But, eventualy, I had to realize that I need to stop thinking about how much better my life could be and start thinking about how much worse it could be, I could be in the hosital, dieing, I could not have any family suppport, I could be living on the streets, although, it could also be alot better than it is now, I need to start telling myself, everything happens for a reason, and your in this situation, whatever it may be, for a reason, no matter how hard it might be, your in it and you will make it through this!

Insperation of the day ~
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