Friday, June 5, 2009

101 Goas in 1001 Days!

One day while just scavengering around on the web, I stumbled across this~ When I first saw it I said to myself wow 101 goals? Could I really come up with that many goals for myself? Well once I started thinking about it, I started really getting into it and before I knew it I had 101 gaols to reach within the next 2.75 years! So here is my list~

101 Goals in 1001 Days
1. Finish 1-12 Scrapbook
2.Finish Disney 08’ Scrapbook
3.Finish 13-Present Scrapbook
4.Run a 10K race
5.Start a Blog (started on June 3)
6.Buy a digital SLR camera
7.Sell one of my photo’s
8.Do 100 sit-up’s without taking a break (000/100)
9.Do 50 push-up’s without taking a break(0/50)
10. Donate $10 to charity for every uncompleted task on this list
11.Drink only water as a beverage for a month (Started on June 1)
12.Establish a savings account containing over $200
13.Attempt writing a novel
14.Make 25 straight free throws (0/25)
15.Make and ice a decent looking 3 tier cake from scratch
16.Train 5 days a week for a 10K for 5 months (0/20 weeks)
17.Play 25 different board games
18.Compleat a game of solitaire on my i-pod
19.Read all of Jane Austin’s books
20.Read 100 books
21.Don’t spend ANY money for a month (0/31 days) (started on June1)
22.Read 15 biography’s (0/15)
23.Paint my nails different every day for a whole month (0/31 days)
24.Give 5 people compliments everyday for 2 weeks (0/14 days)
25.Have an only French conversation with a French speaking person.
26.Make meals for a month (0/31)
27.Watch no television for two weeks(0/14)
28.Don’t go on the computer for a month (in the summer) (0/31)
29.Get 10 comments on a blog post
30.Go on a shopping spree
31.Get a lululemon sweater
32.get a TNA sweater
33.Get a pair of Puma’s
34.Get a bench sweater
35.Get 10 good comments on one of my flickr photo's
36.Stay awake for a complete 24 hours (0/24)
37.Write a “to be read” letter to my nan, uncle, and mom
38.Write 10 hand-written letters to 10 people telling them how the changed my life (0/10)
39.Write twenty short story’s (0/20)
40.Create 15 music video’s (0/15)
41.Get one of my scrapbook pages published in a scrapbooking magazine
42.Make 50 different kinds of cupcakes (1/50)
43.Don’t straighten or blow dry my hair for a month
44.relax for a whole day!
45.Go to the tulip festival in Ottawa
46.Go white water rafting
47.Visit the national art museum
48.Meet Chris Neil
49.Score 10 goals in a season of hockey(0/10)
50.Score 3 (hat trick) goals in one game of hockey(0/3)
51.Own 10 pairs of flip-flops (3/10)
52.Randomly burst out in a song.
53.Make 50 different kinds of cookies (0/50)
54.Be in a play
55.Drink a booster juice everyday for 5 days
56.Give all homemade gifts for Christmas
57.Don’t eat junk food for a month
58.Eat 6 fruits or vegetables daily for a month
59.Make $100.00 from one order of avon
60.Have order totals of over $80 for 4 campaigns
61.Clean the whole house 20 times without being asked
62.Beat uncle D’s score on soccer heading (Wii)
63.Keep my room clean for a month
64.own over 20 lip balms or lip glosses (15/20)
65.Create a recipe
66.make $100 in one day
67.Read all the Gossip Girl Novels
68.Stand for 5 hours
69.drink 8 glasses of water in one day
70.make a decent painting
71.go to church 20 times in a row.
72.Don’t eat out for a month
73.Mow the grass without spazzing
74.Make $50 from selling scrapbooking stuff
75.sleep on a beach
76.Go to Bermuda
77.Swim with dolphins
78.laugh until I cry
79.Cry while reading a book
80.Draw up a fashion line
81.send 2000 texts in one month
82.go kayaking
83.own 1000 12x12 scrapbooking papers
84.Walk in the weekend to end breast cancer
85.get a picture of lightning
86.make a jar of home made apple sauce
87.make home made salsa
88.find ten different things to take to school for lunches all the james bond movies all the Indiana jones movies the star wars movies
92. see new moon the night it premiers
93.Watch the Harry Potter movies
94.Read the Harry Potter books
95.Go to an A Channel morning show
96.try sushi something I normally wouldn’t eat 100 movies
99.get 5 A’s on my report card
100.Don't text for a week
101.Finish this list

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